sous les pavés, la plage!

One of the best things about Montreal is the crumbling infrastructure. I have seen streets slowly seeping, upwelling, even spurting sheets of water up into the air! Sunday, however, there was a right proper pond.


Location: Peel St at St Catherines. Luckily the road crews don’t work on Sundays. (it was Dec 18th)

I went and bought as many pond plants as I could get with the money in my pocket at the dollar store.
Unfortunately there were no frogs.


This is what aquaducs could really be like.

All we have to do is get rid of the cars.

These people were really excited by it.

So much so it became a collaborative effort.

Normally I make things that are not so noticeable. It was a treat, then to step back and let it turn into a party.

People want to do things – poetic, a little rebellious, if just handed a reed and say here would you like to play too!

I hope the travailleurs found it amusant, and weren’t all like, pas plus d’art le!

(Meanwhile the most important weekend in the consumerist year was feverishly doing its enticing/zombifying thing half a block away…but we were at the beach)


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