very fragile cobblestones

So I’m starting to make miniature terrariums.  Not the most original thing to do, no radical gestures here, but one that would give the disseminated plants a higher chance of survival and a more comfortable existence.  Really, I can’t believe I haven’t done this before now- it seems a logical extension of geuerilla plant distribution and miniature landscapes.

These are nothing like some of the amazing plant art out there, for example Vietnamese Hon Non Bo artists Lit Phan &Mai Dinh.

The ancient art of Han No Bo is based on the natural beauty of the Vietnamese landscape, and the combination of mountains, trees and water.  Similar to bonsai, it is a carefully crafted and composed arrangement that requires a great deal of time, patience and skill to make.

Beyond the austere beauty (of this particular piece – visit their site for more examples), what I enjoy about them is that they are based on the landscape as it is, with its inherent harmonies, rugged rocks and twisting trees.

I like very much this idea, of beautiful living models of particular landscapes.  A Eastern Woodlands forest of southern Quebec.  A lush BC temperate rainforest.  (If only!  A bonsai of a douglas fir!) Or more of my favorite places: An overgrown village in the exclusion zone in the Ukraine.  A small strip of the demilitarized zone of North Korea.  Even a Detroit street around 8 mile.  (Some of my abandoned fixations will have to wait until a further post…)   These would be small testaments to the power of veridas when given the chance to take over.

The terrariums I am making, however, are much simpler affairsMoss figures prominently, and small plants.  For now I am settled on small herbs, and groundcover plants.  I have been watching the cracks in the pavement for regrowth, but the plants here make such a bolt for it, with these few precious months for growing things.  (Today it was -8℃ !)  Slow growers, we want slow growers for a small and humid environment.

Spring is coming slowly – in jars.


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