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I love these guys: Emi Honda and Jordan Mackenzie

I have been tracking their activities since they moved to this city, (thanks Danna!) and their installations just keep getting more amazing.

In 2007 emi honda had a show at SKOL, entitled wasted – growing – space.  In it, she repurposes consumer detritus and remnants of the city to create a space of intersecting communities and transformation.

From the SKOL archives: “Honda’s extraordinary sculptural creatures of highly adaptable life forms will be symbolically mixed with urban waste in order to encourage, by association, these deadened objects to make their way back into the regeneration process by quite literally rotting their way back to life.”

Check out an earlier piece flora & fauna from the growing sea of engines, a collaboration with Scott Evans.  There is a nice write-up about them at Villa Villa Nola, focusing on Emi & Jordan’s band, Elfin Saddle.  I am very excited about their work, not only because of their inclusion of plants, and the organic growth of repurposed junk into cute/lovely animated landscapes, but because they remind me of what it was like to be a BC artist, to create living things withing a living, breathing, magical environment.  Their focus is not a return to the forest, but of a world in which everything becomes forest – cities, garbage, buildings, – all bits and pieces of strange geographies.  Ecologies.

"Half dream world, half sociological critique, this exhibition transplants the artists' subconscious into the physical space of the gallery through a complex network of stream-of-conscious installations."

I cannot say I would make work like them, but their work reminds me of everything that is real to me about making art; narratives of things, materials, landscapes as they are or could become, rather than standing in as symbols for statements made, and endless human stories.    Undoing art school seems like such a project to me at the moment.  Fortunately there are shining examples like Emi and Jordan out their making their own special kind of magic in the world.

They  have a great group exhibition on at Galerie B-312, entitled Science Fictions and Constellations, up until Apr 17th.  See it if you can – it’s a very cosy and organic type of spacey.

I just came across a stop-motion animation trailer for Wurld.  Starting with the sprouting of seeds, a world grows.

One of the best film roles for plants I’ve seen in a while. So lovely, and kinda sad, as is the world.  The film in its entirety will debut at the MAC May 7th.   They will also be the summer artists in residency at KIAC in Dawson city this year.


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