plant artist

Paula Haynes is a sculptor/landscape artist who builds living objects.  Whether jewelery, planters, birdhouses or terrarium-sculptures, her focus is on the relation we have to these living systems.  A condition of the sale of one of her terrariums is an agreement that the owner signs, to ensure the continued care and growth of the life inside, and a recognition that the sculpture is never really finished.

Not only do I like her work, but I am also intrigued by the way she thinks about the human within its milieu, or unconsciously within it: contemporary subjectivities.

A page from her diary reads:

Are we getting inside of ourselves, by ourselves, then sharing the edited self, often and fragmented or continually and un-manned? Are all of the communication devices and technological information disseminators secret editors of being, propagating new selves that we then secretly relate to, like mirrors with an antennas? Who are we?


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